70 min 30,000 yen
90 min 35,000 yen
120 min 45,000 yen
Mention about “Tokyo Erotic Guide”,60min 25,000yen!!
Yoshiwara’s Top Class Popular Soapland
We will make every effort to continue to evolve.
From incumbent AV actresses, industry inexperienced girls to the gravure model, gal system, loli system, filthy woman system, married woman,
It’s definitely a shop where you can find your favorite lady!

Reception is on the phone!
Please relax as English staff are available ★

※ We can accept reservation after noon of the day before use.
We can not accept reservations from one week ago.
Many women are enrolled. Please rest assured to reserve from the day before!

※We have staff who can speak English.
As we are in store except Thursday,
Please feel free to call us for reservations!

Coming soon...

つかさ (22)
T159 B88 (D) W56 H85

いちか (23)
T158 B93 (E) W58 H88

ちひろ (26)
T160 B83 (C) W58 H87

るな (22)
T168 B90 (F) W58 H89

かすみ (21)
T145 B100 (I) W60 H85

まなみ (25)
T160 B86 (D) W55 H87

くるみ (22)
T163 B85 (D) W58 H83

蒼井(あおい) (23)
T158 B98 (G) W59 H87

☆まこ☆ (23)
T165 B98 (J) W59 H89

ちなみ (22)
T158 B90 (F) W58 H86

マリン (27)
T153 B88 (G) W58 H88

あのん (26)
T152 B93 (G) W58 H87

かなで (22)
T157 B95 (H) W60 H90

ゆう (20)
T148 B87 (D) W58 H88

さら (20)
T162 B88 (E) W59 H85

れいか (27)
T160 B93 (G) W59 H90

ルイ (25)
T163 B85 (C) W57 H86

ラム (25)
T153 B96 (I) W56 H89

あい (21)
T164 B98 (H) W59 H88

カノハ (20)
T167 B93 (G) W58 H86

わかな (27)
T167 B84 (D) W56 H85

さえ (22)
T165 B94 (F) W58 H88

あみ (21)
T157 B100 (H) W59 H90

なつ (21)
T159 B87 (E) W58 H85

ことね (26)
T165 B87 (D) W58 H89

いちご (20)
T158 B90 (F) W59 H88

なつこ (26)
T165 B86 (C) W57 H89

きょうこ (26)
T153 B89 (E) W58 H83

ゆま (26)
T153 B84 (C) W58 H87

なほ (26)
T158 B83 (B) W56 H85

セリナ (28)
T164 B88 (E) W58 H90

れい (26)
T162 B92 (E) W59 H92

★ありさ★ (30)
T170 B83 (B) W58 H88

ひかる (27)
T153 B88 (E) W57 H86

さやか (24)
T154 B98 (H) W60 H90

りな (23)
T162 B89 (F) W57 H88

はる (26)
T162 B93 (F) W58 H90

まりあ (30)
T170 B83 (C) W56 H85

★鈴(りん)★ (30)
T163 B83 (B) W57 H89

まつり (22)
T154 B88 (E) W59 H89

みれい (24)
T160 B88 (D) W59 H89

さくら (28)
T166 B87 (C) W58 H88

ひなの (23)
T160 B95 (G) W59 H89

愛梨 (27)
T157 B83 (C) W59 H86

未来 (28)
T158 B118 (K) W62 H98

もみじ (21)
T170 B98 (G) W59 H89

まひる (27)
T162 B87 (E) W59 H90

しゃな (28)
T171 B87 (E) W59 H88

なお (22)
T159 B97 (H) W58 H92

ここな (20)
T159 B82 (C) W58 H86

かおる (20)
T155 B82 (C) W56 H84

るり (21)
T165 B84 (C) W58 H86

すず (23)
T157 B85 (C) W58 H85

しほ (21)
T160 B88 (C) W57 H86

ゆな (20)
T160 B86 (E) W57 H85

神崎 (22)
T161 B92 (F) W54 H88

みさと (22)
T160 B88 (E) W57 H85

くれあ (22)
T169 B86 (D) W57 H86

ゆかり (22)
T164 B82 (C) W58 H88

あゆみ (20)
T151 B83 (B) W57 H84

みか (24)
T150 B84 (C) W56 H83

りさ (24)
T164 B83 (C) W57 H84

まい (24)
T160 B87 (E) W58 H88